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    the new runaround

    Haha love the way you just say ahh screw it I'll spray my car black today like its just like giving it a wash or something. Still waiting for the 2.0l to be finished. :p Brings back memories seeing a red LS micra like that hehe.
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    Amazing Adventures (driving experience day)

    I've done a Ferrari experience, and would highly recommend it. Sure the race car is good, but I don't think they are any faster than a Ferrari, and at least you get to say you've driven a Ferrari. :D
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    ISTS Donny Show 2008 PICS!!

    Thought thats what it must have been. Tis a shame. Seems like everyone has either moved on, or plan projects but never make them happen.
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    Good old (msc) days

    Lol nice vids. Think I joined when I was 16, going on 17 so 2001, :o but first show was 2003 I think. Damn, that was a while ago!!! Good memories though, all of the shows were better then lol.
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    ISTS Donny Show 2008 PICS!!

    Dunno if its just me getting old, but some of the pics I've seen of the cars look awful. Apart from the super cars, and scoobys, etc which you see everywhere there are too many cars with stuck on body kits, but without the rest of the car following the same look, or even standardish cars...
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    Long time since Ive been on - update

    Hello Neil!!! Long time no see...nice cars.
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    A few new pics of the golf turbo...

    It is actually very easy lol. :) Its a whole different class of car, both in comfort, power, looks and refinement. No way I would go back to a micra now, unless I was filthy rich and wanted to do something daft with it hehe. Cheers for all the positive comments guys, glad you all seem to...
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    A few new pics of the golf turbo...

    Its been a fantastic car up to now, and I can't fault it in any way. (Apart from the petrol it drinks!) I don't miss the micra at all lol. Not done much to it lately but gave it a clean today and took a few pics. Comments welcome. :) :)
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    only went and bought a french car

    Must have put a bit of weight on since you went down south lol. Hope the pugs ok for ya.
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    Quickdraw's k10 SR20De-T

    Your micra will be the only k10 left by the time it get finished hehe. ;) Good to see you aint lost interest. :)
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    Whats your car called and why???

    My first micra was called 'Old red', cos it was old and red. My second micra was called 'the beast' for obvious reasons lol. And my current car, my golf is called 'Jazmin', cos her colour is Jazz Blue. :)
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    Update on the insurance - Glanza

    I think insurance has gone up this year overall anyway Kev. My renewal went up on the Golf from £650 to £720 this year (everything decalred). Needless to say I shopped around some more and ended up going with, guess who... Adrian Flux who provided me with the cheapest quote by far. (£550)...
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    christmas meet north easties?

    Doh, can't believe I missed this one again with not been on for a while. Shame the meets seem to be getting less and less even though people say they would go.
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    Personal plate for the k10

    I was looking to get K10 DJE which I think was available when I had the micra but the micra was H reg so couldn't. DJE being my initials. :p Got a one now that suits my needs though so its all good. :)
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    Speedle's Project 10!

    Keep up the good work. Can you not get a set of spacers for the wheels to push them out a bit? They look a bit to far in the arch at the mo in my opinion. Nice to see micra tuning has come on along way since I had mine. :p