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  • hey could you link me to some of your turbo pics please looks awsum on your avatar

    micra gt
    micra gt
    will see what i can doi the engine and turbo kit are for sale aswell if your intrerested £700 for the lot and cost £2000 to covert
    hi joe set of standered cg13 cams for sale if your interested let me no cam are in excellent condition done 45k £25 posted

    cheers andy
    Hi, thanks for the info, are they sold yet? Obviously no worries if they are i've not been on much over christmas.

    Hi, cant post on the sale thread but just wondered what kinda nick the cams are in? And are they just standard 1.3 not reprofile?


    hi stew got the bits off the car ive just been busy with work i will send them tomorow for you sorry taking so long

    clear your pms please.

    have you sent those few bits yet????

    have posted up on the forum sectin and also sent you an email with no reply!!!
    please get back to me asap!!!!


    I read you are or were breaking K11's if you still have bits would you have the drivers side interior fuse box cover lid. I have a 1997 1.0 Muzic. I've been to local scrappy but the micras they have, have a different syle of cover. Mine is taller than it is wide approx 3 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

    If you could help it would be great.

    thanks in advance
    Free up some space in your inbox pal. This is the message i tryd sending;


    Yep all the plastic. You want both speakers too? I can throw them in for a little extra...

    Joe Collison
    Brook Barn
    SY5 7EJ

    Thanks, Joe.
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