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    Boosted SR20DET K11 Micra

    I kept the car in good hands Harlen, see its still around, making a few modifications to it! Harlen would you please post the new owners the original pictures of when it was first being built and when it was stock mate, cheers buddy hope you are ok...
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    Boosted SR20DET K11 Micra

    Bump for such a nice car, want to see how it progresses!!!!
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    [SOLD] Corsa coilover kit

    coils Where are you based bud? Near leicester?
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    K11 micra 2nd Middle Cat Required

    Still required please, cheap as possible
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    DizzySpell's 1.3LX

    i want headlight washers, very rare, heated seats too, oh man :down:
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    Martboy21s new Black Super s

    Mate try the injector first to make sure it is spraying, dont give up after all this!
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    K11 micra 2nd Middle Cat Required

    cheers bud, let me know, i had one laying in the garden my mum binned it haha
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    K11 micra 2nd Middle Cat Required

    Has anyone got one, i want the cat to knock the insides out to make it a decat. Can anyone help me please? Cheers. Micka.
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    k12 Roof Radio Aerial Needed Please

    Someone snapped mine off and need another one please, anyone got the complete aerial includint the base or can get me one? Thank you very much. Micka
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    Selling up

    Mate you pmd me a few weeks ago about having 2 flywheels for a 1.0l k11 for me, could I take the ultra light flywheel as you did offer them for me in previous posts but I heard nothing from you again mate? Cheers, Micka
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    [SOLD] Few things for sale.

    Thank you for selling the jdm cupholder as well mate, I asked you first for it, but some people are just too greedy I got the money waiting too, but I wish some people had a sense of loyalty, thank you for spoiling my day mate
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    k11 mid section De-Cat please

    Yeah I will wait mate when are you getting your new exhaust? Meanwhile if anyone else has one that will be perfect...
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    k11 mid section De-Cat please

    Anyone got a de-cat for a k11 micra for the second cat under the car, anything will do, cheers Micka
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    [SOLD] Few things for sale.

    Really wanted the decat aswell, you have a pm