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    standard spoiler +saxo help ???

    mine was done with sikaflex bonding... strong as 'f'... i actally damaged the super s spoiler getting them both off... Will not come off in the i'll see if i can dig up pics of my car during the bodywork for you to browse...
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    chinese t.v dvd etc headunit

    Whah........? :%
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    me baby

    OK time for loads of good quality pics... this will only help the sale...
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    electric windows?

    i put them in my k11.. out of another k11... all i had had was the motors (pass and drivers), both switches and plugs with bits'a'wire sticking out... so i had to make my own loom tis long process but easy when you work it out in your bedroom and i used i 9v battery just to test it all...
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    Change of stereo!

    probably one of the easiest installs imo... just be prepared... relevent iso block etc... try a K12 there a nightmare...
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    Light Brows Or No Light Brows ??

    i say NO way... but thats just me... if your gonna get a badboy bonnet then yes, but no to brows...
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    goodbye lol!!!

    Life's too short to throw your toys out the pram cos you dont want to lose a tenner... This is one of the nicest atmosperes on the web and im still on it even tho i dont own a micra... Made friends through the site and my knowledge has increased ten fold over the years just by frequenting...
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    Front Lights

    i had white washer jets, non flashing and got pulled for them asked to remove them... isaid id do it the next morning as it was like 2.00am but didnt do it... i got pulled again two days later and just ended up taking them off... not worth the potential of getting pulled over all the time...
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    MSC Fish Products?

    yeh! something smells fishy here... i want my shares...
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    **K11 bits FS**

    i cant post nothing right now busy sorting wedding stuff out... if someone wants parts they can have them FREE come take them please... check address above... :) no lights sorry old pics, i drive a gti almera now...
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    Side skirts

    hi joel... the skirts are easy as pie, just six self tapping screws... after you take off ya mud gaurds... the ibiza spitter is free when you buy the bumper lol... btw i cant post anything atm im busy with work and home renovations.....
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    Side skirts

    this was my fs thread... you can see bits i still have for sale there... just thrown out loads of K11 parts... obviously kept the big bits like skirts rear bumper and recaros...
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    Side skirts

    if your interested let me know...
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    Side skirts

    i have very similar ones... but mine are the Lester ones from Italy... Check K11 photos and mine is the first red one....
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    Facelift on Ronal Turbos

    your plate says "alex" backwards sort of... wheels are ok but agreed would look better as said above... really like the rims tho... M25Ring and M60Ring stickers are on eBay atm...