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    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    I think my mounts are done too, doesn't help that I always jack it up by the front cross member
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    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    Just as well you've changed it then, eh?
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    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    What was the colour like?
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    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    I've always found it works quite nicely to use a t-handle and bit and hammer on it reasonably aggressively while turning and it comes loose... I don't like risking slipping with the torque of a breaker bar and stripping out of the plug... Glad you got it off
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    Long wait.

    You could fit an a/c unit but it would be expensive with hard to find smaller parts and a lot of effort. I had to go and get a long wait once when I was an apprentice... I never found it oddly enough...
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    1.2 oil filter, pain of a place

    Oh man Subaru Impreza oil filter!! which is burried in the exhaust manifold with about 10mm space around the outside to grab hold of it with any tools.... xD
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    Air conditioning condenser

    Many places will vacuum test the system for free, if it doesn’t hold a vacuum and the refrigerant has escaped you can diy the condenser quite easily and just pay to have it charged with refrigerant. That said be sure not to release that gas into the atmosphere it’s not good Sent from my iPad...
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    Full Leather

    All I need to do now is find some, then buy them, then fit them~!
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    Full Leather

    That's useful information, so there is an oem K11 leather interior.
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    Full Leather

    Hey all, The interior in the k11 has seen better days and now there is a piece of metal of the back poking out and cuts me everytime I go to put on my seat belt. As some of you may know, when something breaks and the wife complains about too you have poetic license to go all out for extra...
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    Engine management light

    Diagnostic tests are extremely accurate if you get someone who knows what they are doing, as others have said live data is a super valuable tool.
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    3 warning lights on Micra Dig-S 2011

    Many don’t, many do. See it frequently in our garage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Advice on mot fault

    I didn’t mean to imply a collision with another car but more like lurching over a kerb or grinding into one at speed (15 or so mph is enough to do some damage and bend things). 9 times out of 10 it’s just down to normal wear and tear. If it has been in an accident look for different shades of...
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    3 warning lights on Micra Dig-S 2011

    Fluid in the reservoir gets lower as the caliper piston is forced further out as the brake pad material is worn away and as the disc gets thinner... unlikely to get so low it causes a light to come on in most cars Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Micra K12 Starter fault ?

    Take it off and check the gear teeth for play on the starter and check the flywheel teeth for damage if you’re that worried, leaving in a chewed starter can also destroy a flywheel so take that into consideration...