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    Rally car preparation

    Seats will have to be fixed, mine are done with the bars welded s the inner sill and exhaust tunnel
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    K12 - what to look for

    Thanks Jen319 the one I'm going too see is an 03 so chain could be an issue, although mileage is low.
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    K12 - what to look for

    Looking at getting a k12, is there any think particular to look for, common problems, rust spots etc? thanks.
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    parts needed to make rally style?

    Different colour bumpers n some stickers?:)
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    :) i dont remember, but i have seen the car in your profile pic near cefn rd?
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    Blog: Nissan Micra K11 1275cc Rally Car

    Nice micra there welshmcrae, it was in shot on ralio last night :) Also that in- car above is it an e-type? Lovely cars them
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    Where to get these in the UK?

    demon tweeks may do them..
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    anyone want to buy a mini project ;) :p

    What the spec, year, etc?
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    Junior 1000 Rally Micra

    Good luck Tommi there was a micra on pistonheads for £2500 fully prepared, seemed a very good price, may still be for sale. Be careful with lightening the car junior regulations dont allow much lightening.
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    BONNET PINS this should help :)
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    Stripped interior decisions

    You could remove sound deadening as said and paint the whole lot red. You can buy stuff called abs carbon sheet, cheap, and looks good, would be ideal to make foot plates and put skateboard tape, as karlj said on top of that.
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    Question: lowering

    If your using the car for motorsport i would consider using coilovers
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    Lee's micra dot

    Are you near Wrexham , pretty sure i have seen this car..
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    Gameboy colour

    Pretty sure i have a gameboy colour in red, boxed, i shall have a look and let you know!
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    inner sill rust proofing

    You could try rust converter its really good stuff.....