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    Wiring Loom Queery

    They are Blaupunkt adapters, the yellow is for connection to an external amp, blue is for a cd changer/ ipod adapter. The green is for a mobile phone kit and remote control.
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    Micra K12 Wiring Adapter not needed - but whats the green connector?

    Talk about resurrecting an old threat, 9 years old... But you probably could have used the wiring, but I haven;t had a Micra in 8 years now, so I have no clue where the CD changer cables would go too. You would have had to cut the connectors off to connect to the Sony HU and the same for the...
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    Quicky's Sr20 K10

    Things are good! I am still working for Blizzard, but in the Irish office. How about yourself?
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    Quicky's Sr20 K10

    Just got an email about this thread! Talk about blast from the past!
  5. masterbiker Stop Car Thief!

    This sounds prity good until you think of the other "big brother" uses for this technology.
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    Transformers the movie

    I saw it about 2 weeks ago, private blizzard viewing at a cinema over here in paris. I was so glad I didn't go home after my night shift and went to see it instead.
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    are these road legal before i rip old 1`s off

    You should be careful with pedals like that, as when I was playing around with modding my mini, one of the police man neighbours came over to make sure I had told my insurance company about them as a few weeks before some boy racer crashed and the insurance company refused to pay out because...
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    how old or much experiance to drive in europe?????

    For driving in France you also need spare light bulbs.
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    Do I loose my warranty if service is carried by non Nissan Dealer

    Maybe to you, but most people when looking at a second hand car, will look to see if the car has been serviced regularly and seeing main dealer stamps will look better to that person.
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    Do I loose my warranty if service is carried by non Nissan Dealer

    You should also note, for when you come to sell the car, having main dealer stamps on your service history, will look more appealing to a buyer.
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    The What Are You Listening To Right Now Thread..

    My Girlfriend over skype :)
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    initial d - box car drifting

    lol, that looks like fun, wonder if I will be allowed to do that round the Blizzard office?
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    Cutting braided hose

    That sounds really dangerous. :eek:
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    To the computer wiz out there

    That's where the problem started. :laugh: Just joking, I am sure it will be something over heating. Borrow someone's spare power supply, (if all the heat sinks are free of dust etc. if not get the dust out of them) to see if it is your power supply before buying a new one.
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    ..micra frOm france :]...

    Woot I live in France too!!!!! The MSC now has two members in France!