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    JAE 2018 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    I will be down on my little daihatsu rice rocket
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    end of the day we fiddle around with boxes, some people take stuff way too seriously. its all a laugh and a hobby at the end of day.
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    you let an untrained person work on your car and stuff didnt go correct. havnt got any right to moan really, you were all friends without proper training working on a car. It happens, nothing was broken, laugh it off. I remember when me and a certain member on here bent all his valves when we...
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    Turbo 1.3 K11 interest

    I know it sounds extreme mate but builds like this are hard to come by. The more proof you got to prove that its a solid build the more you can ask.
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    Turbo 1.3 K11 interest

    personally needs proof of mapping at fusion receipt etc, dynograph, would like to get a camera into the bores to prove its forged etc. after all that probably only looking at 2-2.5k if all looks good.
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    K10 Best Engine Swap Option

    after working on the clio sport 2.0 engine I would safely say I would never want to put it in any car. they make good power but they need alot of maintenance and work. CG13 is the easiest. but a cheap areodeck b18 would be cool, saab engine. pretty much anything to be honest.
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    March EK10 turbo

    Yeah sure is! just havnt use it in a long time!
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    March EK10 turbo

    Took delivery of a genuine March turbo on Saturday. Lovely car and bloody quick! Its the type 1 with 85PS. Although it has a bigger turbo, fuel regulator and running at 1bar of boost which seems way too high for my liking. I know figaros run at 0.48 bar and get 75ps so my guess this 85ps just...
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    K11 March G#'s in England

    There was my old one which is now a cube and there was another one just like mine which was bassed in the midlands but no one has heard anything about that car in about two years.. Tom in ireland owns two himself and theres a few more other there. There will be quite a few about to be honest...
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    The 1.3 Turbo Battle####

    Does it come with dat hellaflush?
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    A new begining. Bike carbed Super S.

    Just so everyone knows I broke this for parts and sold the sell to someone who will autograss it. RIP rare super s haha.
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    k10-sponge bob

    I will buy the front bumper, splitter and fender mirrors. if you can ship to uk
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    What offers mate comes with the orignal rare 80s/early 90s nismo logo centre caps and no curbing at all just needs a nice paint job. Never seen another set within the uk.
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    14x6 nismo wheels mate