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    Crazy March!!

    that is my friend car...
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    March St on track

    dam! gud job mate... :love:
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    yeah... my exhaust is done in 2" pipe too... :grinning:
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    Malaysia K10

    u mail me i giv u pic for this car was accident... but know this car already for another race... :grinning:
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    march st progress

    sooooooo nice!!!
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    Cusco Brace for st

    80euro is so cheap to my country for this stuf wif shipping cost... im buying second part same your strut bar 73EURO! u got only 80EURO for new... (Y)
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    Video and pics

    im very intresting of this car!!! gud job marchsti.... :wow: hope u can post more pic of your car to my mail....
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    Photo's of Members K10's

    more pic more pic more picccc!!!!
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    Blow off valve Qs. for Ed

    thanks to crazyep..
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    Blow off valve Qs. for Ed

    so, wer did u set the blov off? it is the pipe intercooler?
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    Blow off valve Qs. for Ed

    crazyep... your st use the blov off? any problem wif the supercharges if u using the blov off?
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    newish wheels

    smart n simplee... nice stuff mate...
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    Nismo Clutch

    im very intresting about this... can u mail me the pic... u can mail me for price too...
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    march st progress

    wow... very clean!
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    Super s value

    nice car... it is your car is from soft top? n your interior like st model.... very nice.