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    Dave's k10

    u can try bro....ED say just 15 min only...not take a long time bro....hehehe:blush:
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    Some Pics of My New Project

    For my opinion, if u want listen the nice sound like blow off better u change the airflow std to HKS mushroom....and u can hear the sound like tha blow off!!!!:glance:
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    Wowww big car shows? what u means.......can u story to me! if u not busy huhhh!:blush: u have the big project huhhh...nice project...illegal or unillegal bro?fwn my i ask ED, u know what fungsion about the "black box" at the throtle it a sensor for the read ratio fuel right...
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    Yap Ed...u are one posted lots on there! Thanks ED. We just want to share with u all about K10 @ Micra. May be one day we can make International Club gath huhhh...may be i'm dream huhhh....but who know! :upside: Ed, long time u not posted on our website huhh....have problem ED! of course u not...
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    Another Bulgarian Micra with tunning :)

    yap must carefully bro!:blush: why u not use carbon fibre for the material huhhh....look like grand huhh!
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    Vibrations at speed....

    please check ur steerage bar may be it damage.....but 1stly u must check ur tyre balancing, tyre and ur rim....
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    Electrical Problem- Advice Appreciated!

    yap bro...check ur fuses 1st.....may be what Courior say right! if after u check ur fuses is ok....may be have shorted of power ur battery! u must check "alternator" may be ur "alternator not run for recharge ur battery....just i guess!fwn
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    Dave's k10

    better u take out ur dash 1st....may be for pro 15mins like ED but for amateur like me may be take time for take it out....:blush:
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    Nissan March Owners Club Malaysia

    sorry ED! he say: our website no have visitor from micra uk we frustrated for ur all attention....i know may be u not understand what we all discus but we can traslate to u all.....sorry ED! hehehe :laugh:
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    Some Pics of My New Project

    nice car bro......white colour ummm! colour! ur engine very clean and u stay use i/c cover huhhhh! good for cold air to flow ur i/c....:laugh:
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    sr20 into k10

    hai bro! I'm from malaysian, in malaysia we have one K10 install SR20DET engine and 4x4! Just make a few alteration at the space engine and the body....:laugh:
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    OZ wheels fitment

    hai bro....OZ like ly old school hahh...nice choice bro! but i m intresting if u fit black racing sport rim at ur K10....:love:
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    i agree with him.....but 1stly i want know ur engine type! if u use MA09ERT, that engine want the cold air for the engine. But if u use MA10s or FF engine type, that engine want the hot air for the run engine....fwn
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    are u sure!!!.....i will try as possible! thanks bro....but now i get a nismo adjustable suspension for my K10...hehehe!:ghostface
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    Body Kits, & K10 parts etc.

    Not your thread! You have to be an official member to sell anyway