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    Blurple 2001 Micra Vibe!

    Due to a massive change in personal circumstances and the imminent arrival of a van, I've got to sell my Blurple... He's a 2001 Vibe S, 1 litre 3-door, in "China Blue", only just over 48000 miles, MOT til April 16, 15" alloys (four new tyres last April), lowered on alto springs and corsa...
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    Wanted k11 preface 1.3 drive shafts and 4 coil springs

    Front or back springs or all round? Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    Insane K11 from Sweden

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    Corsa shocks suitable for un-lowered Micra?

    They need the sides grinding down to the rubber bushings, so they fit in the slot on the axle...
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    About AutoBiscuit

    Welcome! We need more intelligent folk around here....
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    Still wanted...K11 tailgate and 2nd facelift bonnet...

    That's like....totally far away and shizz....but thanks....
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    MSC clothing - what do you guys want??

    There were cobras....and missiles and stuff....
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    MSC clothing - what do you guys want??

    ...or mine? I can't even find mine any more....and I want it...
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    Best weight reduction?

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    Nice Si

    I'm a very tasty Si....
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    Get your car posted on the MSC Facebook page!

    *gets into bikini* *drapes himself across bonnet* Is this what you wanted???
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    F/S SuperS (needs some work) £400 ono

    We should get donations and buy it for the club....
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    painted front lip/splitter

    You can get flexible plastic spray paint too.....
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    old k11 90s advert lol

    There was no-one else on that dual carriageway and yet she was in the outside lane.....ffs....