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    Adapter lead for Headunit?

    an adapter would,nt be hard to get, just aks your local car parts store
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    2019 micra sat nav update

    the dealer wil update your sat nav for free, for the first 3 years. just ask the official nissan dealer
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    Wooing noise drivers front wheel area?

    ive been wooing my girlfriend for years now, and only for the last 2 months ive been hearing these naggin noises comming out of her mouth. anny thoughts?
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    Micra K14 reoccurring dash warnings

    well... sorry to hear about your problems with these warnings, but i have my micra for 1 year now, and no warnings. so i cant help u
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    K14 Bumper Finisher

    looks like a dealer thing to me.. just take it back and ask them to sort it out
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    Rear Speakers or Subwoofer installed

    i've seen it done... a subwoofer was fitted on the standerd radio unit. a adapter was needed, but worked well. (adapter les then 10 euro)
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    K14 Modifications

    hi all... nice to be here with other k14 fans! love the car but upgrades are always welcome. so i lowered the car about 35 mm (H&R springs) put 18 inch wheels upgraded the bulbs to led's put a sharkvin antenna removed the micra badge got a led strip for daytime running that also turns orange...