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    Airbox /plenum bypass

    Thinking of using an aluminium baking tray to line base of remaining plenum. Will need to try it and measure temps. I don't want to be swapping engines but I do think 88bhp to 130bhp is reachable without turbo. Just fishing for ideas, I like the K12, but not 88bhp
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    Airbox /plenum bypass

    No not changing standard to a Megane scoop. Flexi hose 55mm into the plenum, skip airbox altogether and trim the plenum so air flows straight into plenum skipping resonant chamber, filter box and getting cold air as close to the butterfly as possible
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    Airbox /plenum bypass

    Has anyone been brave /daft enough to skip the airbox and plenum to supply air direct to the throttle body? As nothing to the right of the maf is useful I was thinking of butchering the plenum to park the air intake pipe outlet on the doorstep of the TB. Good idea/bad idea I don't know...
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    Denso tt spark plugs

    After binning the air intake for 60mm aluminium flexi pipe fed to air box from between radiator and o/s fog light, and closing the resonant chamber, its plugs and filters next. I'm thinking denso tt spark, with bosch air and oil filters? A school friend runs a 1.4 in Canada micra cup and swears...
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    K12 standard bluetooth radio - can it do bluetooth music also?

    In front of gear stick behind the cupholders
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    Leather seats???

    I have half leather in my '08 tekna, in black with charcoal fabric centres