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    Gear box

    How much you willing to pay for a 5 speed pal
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    Gear box

    Ok mate no problem after a 4 speed or a 18b head mainly
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    Gear box

    Can swap for a 4 speed if you have 1?
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    K10 18b head and 4 speed wanted

    Looking for a 18b head of a k10 micra and also a k10 4 speed gearbox have money waiting and wanting asap contact me on 07795806287 if you have either or no anybody Thanks liam
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    1992/K Nissan Micra 1.0 Manual £125

    This still for sale?
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    F/S: Super sport /sr front and rear bumper with wrap around spoiler

    What do you have left and are these for a k10?
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    Nissan Micra K10 cheap

    Is this still for sale?