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    Micra Names...or any other car

    Hiiiiii Miiiiike *wave*
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    S 1998 Micra K11 for Sale

    hi are you still looking to sell? dont think i can PM any more. In Durham so can view. L
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    1.0 shape FOR SALE £500

    i think im being inbred... cant find the link? v interested for 200, what will it need for an MOT?
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    Not posted here in AGES

    its my first visit in about a thousand years
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    Steering Problem

    yesterday there was slack in the steering but its now tightened up again and when the car is stationary and you wave the wheel theres a knocking coming from the passenger side somewhere. Any ideas what it could be? P reg 1.3 thanks toots x
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    im ok but its not gonna polish out!

    laydee in the reflection DOES NOT look impressed by its state
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    Check this k10 out its minted

    For all who are not Hitler One of the first Nissan Micra K10, 1983 32 cm Raid sport steering wheel, Prince bucket seats, aluminum - checkered plate in the footwell, Wiechers roll bars, rear strut brace, Wiechers front strut brace, K&N filter, Weber carburetors, K & N air...
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    why does it look like she has her pants round her ankles? other than the fact that shes standing next to ollie...
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    thanks muchly. Steph very much needs a tan. looks worse now shes dyed her hair dark red lol
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    ie collectible crap
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    youve put it in a shoe box under your bed with all the rest of your collectible crap havent you...
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    Laser eye treatment

    my uncle had it done and they screwed something up when they were taking the thingy out or something (didnt really pay attention, sorreh) and he went blind til the swelling went down enough to fix it. but my aunt had it done, was out and could see perfectly within 2 hours.
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    My Corsa Blog!

    aww arnie, its not as cack as you had me believe! well, it is, but i like it anyway. cute!
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    The MSC heres a pic of me Thread!!!

    i know, tis like return of the evil spirit that ruined the MSC bwhahahahaha etc *grumbles at james* of course you've seen it you moose. BUT i know you havent seen that one (im on the right)
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    fallout 3

    yes, so glad i got you it...