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    Knife Edge Crank.

    Swiper, definately ask around to see who can balance your full bottom end (Crankshaft, Flywheel, Clutch at least), because often it's hard to find a good machine shop that can accomodate the full bottom end rotating weight. I would suggest a piston from someone like Wiseco or JE if they...
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    N/S (Passenger) Driveshaft K11 1.3 Super S

    I'm after a low mileage / good condition complete N/S (Passenger) Driveshaft for 94 K11 Super S 1.3 2 Door Micra please! [email protected]
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    Photos of Nissan OEM Overfender / Wide Arches?

    Those Golf Mark 1 Arches would be ideal, maybe the arc might be too big though? Anyone compared Golf Mark1 Arches to Micra Arches? Fibreglass is a pig but cheap to repair. I did a bit of searching on various Micra sites, and Cisco's Forum came up with a set from DEVISE Racing...
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    Japanese rear lights

    Easiest way to convert would just be to turn one of the reverse bulbs into fog light, chuck a red tinted brake bulb in there and wire up to fog circuit.
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    1.3 turbo k11 custom built-200bhp

    about 200hp at the flywheel I'd imagine ?!
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    Knife Edge Crank.

    Cool. I don't know enough about the CG Series Motor to give you a definative answer to knife edging that particular crank... but to aid response, obviously a lighter forged piston, same with con-rod, and a very good balance, rather than taking material away from something that will also make...
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    bigger front brakes for my 1.0l

    Sorry Craig, bit confused? Which disc is what? ^^
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    Micra Project

    Nah a 4E-FTE Swap would work nicer than turbo'd CG13 in my opinion. Got the right compression ratio to start with, along with a good base map that won't run you into too much trouble if you run 98, Starlet Motors are sooooo nice to fiddle with (Grab a turbo off an EVO, grab some...
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    1.3 turbo k11 custom built-200bhp

    Saw this spec a few months ago and got really excited reading it! haha Would love to drive this with the LSD fitted and set of slicks. "Nippy" wouldn't be the word!
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    Knife Edge Crank.

    I don't know the CG too well at the moment, but I would doubt the counterweights touch the oil level... Never been into knife edging personally, there's money to be better spent on machining other internals, and ensuring you get a good balance for entire bottom end + flywheel+clutch (hard to...
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    What brake pads to buy?

    I use Endless CCX pads on my GTR, have always loved them. Have no idea if they have them for the Micra though. Project Mu B-Force Street Pads are a nice pad too. But like Arnold said, probably an absolute waste of money on a daily driver! sorry! lol
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    bigger front brakes for my 1.0l

    So how much bigger are Almera Discs compared to stock? Calipers larger also? Nice mod.
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    Modifying Floor Pan / Low Seat Mounting

    Has anyone removed the raised section of floor plan that the front seat subframe bolts to?, so as to allow a very low seat position in the K11. Just wondered if its been done before I do it myself (chop out the raised section and reinforce with flat steel sheet. I want to basically use a side...
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    Help Please!

    Right mate, if you're going to start diagnosing car circuit electrics, you'll at least need a Test Lamp (like £2.99 from Halfords, little screwdriver looking thing with a bulb in it, and a earth lead)so you can check for Live feed, or better yet a Multimeter which are under £10 and you will use...