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  • Kristian it was a long time ago but can you still supply nismo arches i am in the northwest thanks Brian
    hi was just wondering how did you extend your fuel pipe when putting the wide arch body kit on your k11 thanks
    do you still do bad boy bonnets? trade in your existing one? :suspect:
    hey mate,

    pm'd you about payment this morning,

    hope to hear from you soon


    hi mate ive been sending you pm's but no reply from you. could you pm me please. thanks.
    Hi Kristian

    I have brought a lot of second hand rally parts the other day and part of the deal was a your old wide track body kit. Someone the forum said you might be interested in buying it back. It's not really suitable for a rally car. Not sure what it's worth, as much as someone is willing pay for it I guess

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