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    How do I change / remove my avatar pic?
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    Nope. As It was standard.
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    1.0 inspiration :)
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    Can't work out how to edit my post but here's my bm.
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    Not been on here for a few years since I had my K12 back when I passed my test in 09. For those who dont know me, I'm Gem, 28 from Notts, not far from Davey 1991 and had a variety of cars (mostly vento's) then saw sense and went to the darkside of rwd and currently on my 6th bmw. My current...
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    1994, Nissan Micra Dot K11 , £350ono, Southam Warks.

    Alright. Any pics that work?
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    Event: Mallory Park Track Days

    The next 2 Mallory Park dates are: 20th November 2009 29th December 2009 Christmas and New Year special The track has been around since 1940's as a pony trotting track, and then in the 1948 a grass track was made. The first concrete had been laid by 1956 and that’s when the serious fun...
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    Blackpool Weekender.

    I'm up for blackpool.. love it there :D in a new car though haha
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    Happy Birthday to Me :D

    Happy belated birthday. I'm 25 soon too:(
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    uk driving test theory discs

    I might have one, will have a look around :)
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    Brighton meet??

    Ha we found somewhere about 20 mins which is cheap as chips :)
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    Black K11 - Derby

    Yeah, I had mum in the car so i have to be careful lol
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    Brighton meet??

    I'm in brighton next weekend. Anyone happen to know any cheap places to camp?
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    Mids meet!

    Not at all. I just think its just a bit scary coming to a new meet etc.. i'm shy as it is, hence hardly talking to anyone myself, i only came over to the 2 people i met because it wasn't a big group as it's quite intimidating turning up to a meet mostly consisting of men. Never mind, maybe i'll...
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    Black K11 - Derby

    Spotted you this morning coming down the A38, flew past me :suspect: Recognised the car from the meet :p