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    average MPG for your K11's ?

    1.0L, last week 308 miles on a full tank which worked out at 49 mpg, I run the car on Tesco Momentum which gives around 5 MPG more than normal unleaded.
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Over the last week I got round to some much needed disks and pads, radiator, thermostat, AC system needed looking at too so a new condenser and accumulator / drier core was also fitted. While everything was out I had a good look at the cross member and noticed a little bit of...
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    I fitted a new radiator and thermostat last weekend to my K11, just using sealer it pissed out and yes both faces were spotlessly clean I had to re-do it using one of the supplied gaskets...perfect.
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    Air-conditioning problems

    Mine did exactly the same it has a leak somewhere (I'll bet its the bottom of the condenser thats corroded), best to get an AC specialist out to check it over as they have all the gear to fix it properly not just a top-up like Halfords or Quick-fit.
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    First Post...

    Thanks for the warm welcome... The retired couple I bought it from really looked after it, I scooped buying this one. As for the seat covers there are none fitted its the factory seats.
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    First Post...

    As a long time lurker I thought it was about time I said hello and say a big thank you to all the members of the forum for the fantastic information they have posted here which has helped me with my K11 Micra since I bought it nearly two years ago. I sort of stumbled into Micra ownership by...