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    micra van

    My pal owns the pickup, and in his own words when showed him this thread were "it's too much work to copy, if you try, there's a 99% chance the micra will end up being scrapped half way through" He does wish anyone who does try it good luck at getting it road registered though :) His...
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    Fast Show 2012 Pics

    Seen the red one too. But the one with poly carb windows was blue, was just curious to know more about the car
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    Fast Show 2012 Pics

    I never seen your car until you were leaving :( How ever, is the owner of the k11 that was going down the strip with polycarb windows on here?
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Fitted my delimited dizzy:D
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    Second car/daily fun

    Cheers guys :) Will hopefully be rolling them out a bit more, and going lower soon!
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    Second car/daily fun

    Decided with Gary going flush would be better than putting the jdm arches on and then having to get spacers. So the back got lowered, some ghetto rolling took place and here's the end result.
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    K11 throttle body

    Hey dude It's from a '98 plate car, and here's a pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    K11 throttle body

    Selling for a pal :) Standard throttle body, complete with all sensors, good condition. He's looking for £20 plus postage Cheers
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    Perfect! Cheers guys
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    Hey guys, just wondering, will a tailgate from a 1998 k11 fit my 1995 one? cheers
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    Stani's New Project

    Congratulations buddy!
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    Second car/daily fun

    Pictures from today :)
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    Hoopdub's '99 K11 agent AP0

    Awesome read :) Like the way this is going!
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    Roof rack

    Don't get paid till the 15th, but thought i'd get this up just now and see if anyone on here actually has one. I'm looking for a roof rack to fit the micra(k11 3 door pre facelift) As long as all the fixings are there and it's solid i'm not too worried about the condition as it'll be getting...
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    Welcome to the new forum software!

    Don't seem to be able to edit previous posts mate