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    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Is it possible to add me and my co-pilot to the BBQ list? Or did you already bought the meat in July? :D
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    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    A friend of mine (Wouter Van Moll) is joining me to JAE! But where can we subscribe us for the BBQ and where/when do we need to pay?
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    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Hello, I can officially confirm that I will be at @Jae with the K11 of my girlfriend! 1) Are there more people from the south that are going to JAE? 2) Where can I subscribe for the BBQ? Thanks!
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    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Hi! Maybe some of you still remember me, I was with the Belgian LHD Micra last year. Normally I go to JAE with some Belgian friends but there bosses retrain there holiday so it will be me alone I think. That's why I wanted to ask if it is possible to join you guys because last year I had fun...
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    PROject PROfect

    Looks like a Micra WRC, good job!
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    High fuel consumption

    You can check the coolant sensor ofcourse. De-mount it and you can measure the resistance with your multimeter. I think you find some info about it on this forum. If not, I can send you the values from the workplace manual. What also can me a solution is to remove the waxostat. The idle is...
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    High fuel consumption

    No, it was not around town. It was a trip from Belgium to the UK and back. But the car was heavy loaded and a lot of traffic jam...
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    Easy/Cheap mods

    Browse around here and on facebook, you will get enough inspiration.
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    High fuel consumption

    When my gf uses the 1.0 k11 she does 220miles with a tank. It's only 4miles to her work. When I went to the uk with the Micra, 2 big guys + car full of camping gear I did 370miles with a tank. So, keep the tires on pressure, ensure your maintenance is good (good oil is important), don't do short...
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    Aarons k11

    Cool! Nice air-intake!
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    lowering the k11

    Do some searching on this forum. There is plenty of information here.
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    Another wheel topic - Fitment Nissan Almera wheels

    Are those Almera wheels Andy? They look like 13" wheels...
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    Micra 1.0 wheel nuts?

    The ones from Ultralite maybe? I think Ultralite is pretty good quality and you don't pay for the brand... Remember, it's really a matter of life and death!
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    94 Super S Restoration

    Nice car, I'm happy to see that people restore those Super S cars, they are so cool, I cna't believe they go so cheap in the UK!
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    Micra 1.0 wheel nuts?

    Those are so cheap, I wouldn't bet my life on it!