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    Back again...

    Hi there, it's been a while since I was on here last. Since then, I've put my K10 off the road and bought a Ford Escort Mk6 as my everyday car, which I'm still using. I also have another Ford Escort Mk3 as a resto project. Anyway, I had my K10 off the road since 2007 (the valve broke off the...
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    Hello, radio question for 1984 Micra

    Their all the standard DIN size.
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    Rare LCD Display...

    While browsing around the internet, I saw this: Apparently they were an option in the March Turbo. I'd reckon they'd be hard to come by these days! Also, they even had electric mirrors! And I thought the display with the tachometer were rare!
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    Canadian K10 Brochure (Warning, not 56k modem friendly!)

    I just got this today on eBay. It's a fairly rare item this side of the world, the brochure for the '88 Canadian-spec. K10. I scanned & uploaded them for any other K10 fans out there who might find them interesting: Interesting to note all the standard equipment that came with these...
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    little k10 item

    I've got the brochure from 1990 Micra (Has the LS through to the GSX model). I've just recently bought (again from eBay) the brochure for the 1988 Canadian model Micra (rare items this side of the world).
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    Photo's of Members K10's

    This was taken in May 2006 up at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland:
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    hyundai micra

    Are you sure it wasn't a Hyundai Pony / Excel? Also, Canada was the only country in North America to recieve the K10 (from 1984 to 1991 if I remember correctly). They look identical to the Euro and JDM Micra's, only they had sidelights and sealed beam headlights.
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    New (sort of) Lada Samara on eBay... This part of the description I found amusing:
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    mongol rally team stretching credibility need advice for our nissan micra

    That's odd, they fitted my cousin's K10 no problem at all. They are the 1981-1990 model Polo I am referring to.
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    mongol rally team stretching credibility need advice for our nissan micra

    The wheels from the Toyota Starlet / Corolla / VW Polo all fit the Micra no problem at all.
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    Canvas top k10

    They were called the 'Topic' model. There is alot of them on the continent, not too many here in Ireland or in the UK though.
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    Valve Removal

    Thanks lads for the overall advice. I eventually went to Halfords today and bought a valve spring compressor. Does the job nicely too. The next stage of the rebuild is the replacing the big-end bearings and the piston rings. I wouldn't say many K10's will receive this amount of TLC! :D
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    Valve Removal

    Thanks again, might try that too. Haven't gone back to it yet. I realised that one of my valves was chipped at the port, hence why the engine was running like crap for the last while. I'm thinking of getting another head in a scrapyard, but if I do, I'm still going to change the valve seals.
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    Valve Removal

    Thanks. I'll give that a try.
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    Valve Removal

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of re-building my Micra engine (1990 K10 1.0L). I'm just want to know how do you remove the valves from the head. I have a Haynes manual but it says you need some sort of compression tool to do it, however, it also says it can be done without this tool, by...