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    Fitting new radio unit

    Where can I get one of these from
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    My K12 Transformation

    Hey mate where did you get the steering wheel from looks bad ass
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    Air filter

    Hey any chance making a video how to do that
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Some faggit hit and run on me in Asda
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Smashed the front end
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    Straight through pipe and anti lag

    Has anyone done any of these love to put anti lag but do you need a turbo for that
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    Aftermarket speaker wiring

    Checked all the tabs they perfect it's like I have to keep my window abit down or its rattles
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    Air filter

    Has anyone installed an air filter big ones the cone ones
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    Sorted had to open this back panel what's holding the lock of the boot and there was a clog there to turn opened and crimped the cables back together thanks bro
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    Can't see any
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    No switch or cable
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    Thanks bro nah some how the wire been snipped at the top
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    How open the boot button don't open
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    March K12 Tune for Daily Drive

    How do you remap 1.2 and can you tell me what screen you got in your car
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    Bee-R rev limiter

    I'm looking to get decat exhaust but don't know where to get them