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    Frankspeed Manifold, £38 posted

    Will this fit a CR14DE engine?
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    Ignition timing?

    Checked the timing today as per the Haynes manual, and it was virtually spot-on. Just need to check it again when I get a rev counter as I suspect the idle speed is a bit low. Thanks again.
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    Ignition timing?

    Thanks. I have a timing light, it just never occurred to me to check the timing. All the other cars I've worked on with efi have a crank position sensor on the crank, which can't be adjusted, and don't need the timing to be set.
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    Ignition timing?

    When I did the head gasket on my K11, I just put the distributor back in the same position it came from. Do I need to check the ignition timing or will the ecu cope with a tiny amount of misalignment?
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    For sale. K11 haynes manual

    Works both ways I suppose. I've lost count of the number of times I've PM'd someone on here about stuff they are aparrently trying to sell. Get no response. A few days later they are bumping it.
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    mileage is getting lower :/ any ideas?

    Put the correct pressure in the tyres for a while and see if the problem goes away.
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    What's the standard tyre size? Cheapest source?

    Steel wheels on my K11 facelift are 155 70 13. do them for £32 each fitted at your house.
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    over filled oil

    The PCV uses inlet vacuum to create airflow through the crankcase to stop condensation in the crankcase. The valve on the inlet manifold regulates the amount of air being sucked from the crankcase via the laft hand pipe on the rocker cover. The pipe on the right hand side of the rocker cover...
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    For sale. K11 haynes manual

    Not selling it to me then?
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    Center Bore compatability?

    To convert from 59.1 mm to 60.1 mm you would need a spigot ring which is 0.5mm thick, giving a total increase in diameter of 1mm. As you say, not practical really :(
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    Clio Wheels?

    Yes, there's a bit of curbing on one wheel, but what can you expect for £35? It's a shame the tyres are too big because there's loads of tread left on them.
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    Clio Wheels?

    SED5000 here are the pictures. Well, you did ask! Whey weren't off a Clio at all, they were off a Ka which is 4X108 pcd. They are multi hole though, so they fit the Micra. I even ordered the correct spigot rings to get then centralised. The only annoying thing is that one of the centre caps is...
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    Clio Wheels?

    I have the chance of some aftermarket wheels that were on a Clio. I know the PCD is the same, but will the centre hole match? Anyone know?
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    CG13DE Only 49k FS

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    For sale. K11 haynes manual

    I'll have this if it doesn't go to the Netherlands