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    Black Ghost.

    Yeah been fitted for a year or so now! Gonna need to a fast road setup done! Stainless exhaust sounds great too! Try get a video done at some point! Pepper
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    Black Ghost.

    So this is a thing again. Getting a stainless exhaust fitted today and gonna start picking up the bits i need to progress other things! Car is looking bad now too :( So much work to do so little money and became a father so even less money! Gonna be about more too. Pepper
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    F/S: Full K11 Turbo Kit

    This is a bargain guys and hope it goes to a good home! Good luck with sale Stani! Pepper
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    1.3SR Scrap or Sell?

    Your location might help sway things if someone wanted it? Pepper
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    What is your FB? Pepper Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk 4
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    The 'What Do YOU Want From Japan' Thread

    What would you expect a half cut to be? Say one with a snazzy SR16VE engine? On the coilover front just save a month or 2 more and get a set of BC coilovers? Really recommend them! Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk 4
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    What alloys are these?

    The car was owned by "G Man" so maybe have a search for his posts and it may tell you the info there! Good luck!
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    Driveshaft knock?

    So my '97 SR with ABS has a "knock" on the front passenger side! It knocks when I move off and change gear due to the loading and unloading of the drive! I recently just changed the engine so I could have left something loose, any ideas? Are the driveshafts universal from all K11 models...
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    Do these look ok?

    I "feels" rough or a little rich but I can't tell if I'm just making it up in my head cause I got a 12 plate car which is obv running good! Like I said just a reassurance thing ;) Pepper
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    Do these look ok?

    I got them free and fitted at the time of engine change so just wanted to reassure myself the engine is "ok"! Thanks :) Pepper
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    Do these look ok?

    Hey guys, just a reassurance thing here! Fitted a new engine few months back and wanted to check if the plugs looked ok to you guys? Thanks guys :) Pepper
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    Hello form central Scotland!

    SCREENSHOT!!! lol ;) We should meet up, it's just the usual problems though... Money, time off work, too far... Stani's car breaks lol! Love ya really stan haha! I'd be up for it! Pepper
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    Hello form central Scotland!

    I'm from Glasgow, if you search "Black Ghost" that is my thread with some pics in that :) Welcome mate! Pepper
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    black opps 2 360 who's on it?

    If anyone wants to add me it's, F4T8OY! Only 4 and 8 are numbers! ;) Pepper
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    Hello form central Scotland!

    Car looks great man, similar to mine lol! I got a SR Micra in black! Where a you located in central Scotland? Pepper