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    K11 pre-facelift speedo with tacho

    Hi are the two still for sale, what year cars are they out of thanks. green one would be for a P reg. black would be for a phase 1
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    Bits for sale - K11 Foglights, Alloys and Tires, Sportex BackBox, Parcel Shelf, Induction Kit...

    Parcel shelf still for sale if so would you post? Quite a distance away.
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    Z10 Alpha Cube HKS Turbo conversion breaking K11 Parts CGA, Uprated rad, CVT, seat rail, wheels

    Any photos of the oem wind deflectors? Micra 3dr one’s? Are the clips there
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    52’ reg rev counter clocks/ black surround headlights WTD

    Cash waiting
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    WANTED: Super S / other parts

    Hello there, I am looking for a Super S as a project to keep, not break for parts. I will buy a couple if they are available I am also looking for Super S rear trims (pocket rear trims) and a black plastic interior (not grey) for my brothers new car. It's for a V reg phase 2, i will buy the...
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    K11 Ga16de conversion... where to get driveshafts

    Do you know how durable the GA gearbox would be with the GA? Would it last with typical daily driving or...
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    K11 Ga16de conversion... where to get driveshafts

    Hi there, in the middle of sorting out bits for my brothers engine conversion, I am just wandering if there is a company out there who has the specs ready to make them from previous jobs? or if someone has some spare GA16 to micra k11 drive shafts? Cheers.
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    Micra super s

    Hi is this still for sale?
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    as title JDM number plate recess Nismo Spoiler Thanks.
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    Some JDM parts k11

    Have you still got the Nismo brochure? I'll have it please if you do.
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    K11 3DR yellow w/ sunroof and MOT + parts

    HI looking for a yellow 3dr k11 micra with MOT. Prefably a sunroof model, even better it would have electric Windows Not looking to spend much as it will be a runaround car with minimal done. Looking also for 4-2-1 Nismo / rep spoiler LED rears Nissan rain guards Will buy parts...
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    WTD: K11 3dr rolling shell + bits !

    hehehe worth while mission. hopefully someone on here will have a shell. willing to go more just like i say, bought my road going one for that...
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    Sam's Honda Civic EK3 | Project Rated or Hated |

    coming along nicely man keep it up
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    WTD: K11 3dr rolling shell + bits !

    Hi guys, some may remember me... used to have a white 3 door, solid it... the bug never left and I am here now looking for another! I am looking for a shell with nothing but glass and it having suspension and wheels. Bootlid, engine, lights, interior etc not needed! Shell does not have to be...