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    Body Kit Colour

    silver with black wheels (Y)
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    Rear ARB Drop Links

    it looks right to me to..
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    other forums??

    hell no this is like my baby now:grinning: but you'll never find 1 as cheap :p
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    other forums??

    thanks for the car paudy glad i could make you miss the beauty that is the nissan micra :p
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    Gets an Ooof from me.

    it looks like it would fit right in my pocket, but it looks mint all the same, i like it...
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    Remember this?

    thats nice and mean looking, good job...
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    Fastest 1/4 mile N/A k11?

    i got a 16.844 at 81.94mph but i found it hard to get grip, but still pleased(Y)
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    Baz's March ST

    nice and clean baz...
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    adjustable panhard rod

    its like i died and gone to heaven ('',)
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    MSC for your iPhone / iPod Touch!

    its a good job, on my ipod touch..
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    no prep involved and depending on how much paint you use at the most a full day, just to be safe ('',) also black roofs kick ass but i would love a carbon roof.....
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    sorry no pics, but trust me it looks cool as hell, i did it on a couple of cars and i was always impressed and so was everyone else cause all my mates wanted me to do theres.. and dont worry the material the paint sticks good also if you do it try not to touch it to much cause it kinda leaves...
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    if you had a couple can of black spray you could take the inside roof out and spray it, it looks kick ass...
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    I know it's not a micra but....

    that looks sweet, super minis RULE ('',)