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    Rear disc axle
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    Engine swap

    The 1.3 box is a straight fit onto the ga16. The 1.0 doesnt fit
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    K11 Facelift (Phase 1) Parts for sale

    Whats available
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    Whats available???????
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    alchemyst micra blog

    Resurrected. I have just purchased this car and wanted to check its history. Doing a blog of my own to put it right.
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    Engine swap

    Is the micra a 1.0 or a 1.3 ?
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    saving a super s

    Also this car has been sorned since 2008 Does anyone recognise it ?
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    saving a super s

    I started a thread to convert a k13 but had a change of heart when i found a super s. I came across this car on gumtree and i had to buy it being a super s its very clean shell.its had an sr20 fitted but unfinished. Having done a few conversions in the past this one is quite a scary conversion...
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    20v sr20ve 6mt nismo k13

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    Toyota starlet SR 1998 Cheap!

    I have most parts to turbo this if the new owner is interested??
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    Almera gti, (engine conversion?)

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    Almera gti, (engine conversion?)

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    Member's eBay Finds
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    my k11 from CG10 TO SR20DE TO SR20DET 4WD K11 ( my micras next episode of its life )

    my coilovers from japan should arrive in the coming weeks so i can start mock fitting the engine and box /shafts into place. in the mean time ive bought myself a new daily driver jap import toyota sera to keep me occupied