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    fitting replacement distributor / setting timing

    hi all, have now sourced a replacement distributor for a 1999 micra 1.0 litre, i will mark the position of the old distributor, but apart from plugging it all in is there any other setting up to do, i read somewhere that you have to unplug the throttle position sensor and then plug it back...
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    Wanted distributor for 1999 micra

    hi, so will a 22100-99bo1 etc fit, its not my car i am looking at the problem for my sisters son,
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    Wanted distributor for 1999 micra

    hi all, i need a distributor for a 1999 micra, part number - 22100-99bo4 i dont know if other similar part numbers will fit
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    F/S: F/S: Various K11 Parts

    hi, what are the part numbers on the distributor and will you take 15 for it posted to derbyshire
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    testing a distributor + diagnostic software

    hi all , my sisters son has a 1litre year 1999 micra, its only done 30k and its in a1 condition. however it cut out and now wont start, i have tested for a spark at the plug and between the cap and a plug lead and there isnt one, I have tested that the low tension circuit is getting power...
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    Modified K11 - seized engine

    hi, what do oyu want for the distributor and are there any part numbers on it? will you post
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    F/S: BREAKING: coilpack k11

    hi, how much do you want for the distributor including cap, and will you post