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    HELP! K11 Starting Problem, Engine Flooding

    Thanks guys, after that post I didn't have the problem but it happened yesterday and I didnt manage to get it started, I will try the injectors today. It could well be the temp sensor as well because the gauge flys up occasionaly even though the engine is running fine..
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    HELP! K11 Starting Problem, Engine Flooding

    Over the last couple of month's my K11 has had trouble starting. It will only happen when left for a couple of days. Initially I was taking the fuse for the fuel pump out and turning it over then putting it back in and it worked fine. But after a few times it didn't work again. I called...
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    Wheel Vibrating Problem & Heating vent.

    Not too sure in that case mate, in all 4 K11's I've had the middle have blown hot when on the face and face/foot settings...
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    What's my paint called?

    Nah, quite sure it was 'Batic' could be wrong though!
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    Stani's Micra

    Nice job mate
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    What's my paint called?

    When my mum brought her 93 micra brand new in dark metallic grey it was called 'Batic Blue'
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    Wheel Vibrating Problem & Heating vent.

    The middle vent's should blow hot when on the face and face/leg settings. It will blow cold air on screen and leg settings
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    de-cat question

    Mine passed with a de-cat but it was very close
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    Facelift rear lights on a pre-facelift?

    Fits fine. wiring is a bit fiddley, never go round it. but the old bulb holder can be sqeezed into the new lights
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    i got hinges from a scrap yard for £5, they worked perfectly but you will have to take them off the scrap car yourself
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    Strut Brace?

    I personnlly think they do make a differents but ive only had one when the car has been lowered, if its not lowered not too sure about how diffrent it would make
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    New Car...

    Gearbox, clutch, wheel bearings and 128k on the clock. wasnt worth the money to fix!
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    New Car...

    Got a new car, My third SR! Exactly the same as the old one, just need to put my bits on it. 78K, £880. Pics to follow. I will most likely be breaking the old one.
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    Opinions on pipes(AIR INTAKE), please

    I agree with frank, because personally I think you can't really go wrong with the standard airbox, cold air feed and and K&N panel filter