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    k12 Not starting

    Has he changed any of the ECU's, The Micra has a security feature where if another ECU from another micra is placed on the vehicle the car wont start? Jason
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    Steering problem

    Ta... Anyway, something I forgot to ask, what year is the Micra with no spline on the column
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    K12 1.2s Problems

    This isn't the only options!!! Like I said email me!
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    Steering problem

    How do i insert pictures
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    Steering problem

    There is a master spline, there is actuallyt 3.. One larger one and 2 smaller ones, If you have removed and refitted the steering wheel this will effect the straight ahead position. You need to refit the steering wheel at the correct spline and then investigate why it's wrong, maybe tracking...
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    K12 1.2s Problems

    I can probably help with the PS Light and lost of steering email me on Jason
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    Maintenance manual?

    Sorry for late reply. Could do if you wish, email ma on
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    Maintenance manual?

    Hello I have the ESM service manual on CD and if you tell me what part you want I'mm post the PDF's on here? if you have ftp site I'm sure I can get it to you
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    Very strange

    I can suggest the key was in range when you opened and started the vehicle at your home address, due to safety rules the car CAN NOT cut out or stop if the key sensor is lost during driving conditions due to safety regulations and etc.. When you got to work and stopped the vehicle the key was...
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    K12 (2004) Power Steering Fix

    Considering I've worked with the K12 EPS system for the last 7 years and know everything about the system (and I mean everything), I've got the advantage at the moment.
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    K12 (2004) Power Steering Fix

    I'm sorry but when I read this I had to laugh. The motor is NOT servicable and shouldn't be removed from the system. I I promise you the "electrian" wouldn't be able to re-solder all the parts within the system unless he know what he was doing and even then you wouldn't do it. And this...
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    Does your Micra steer slightly to the left?

    Hi All. I saw this thread last week but just hadn't had time to sit down and write anything. One course of the problem could be a manufacturing fault, I'll explain. The Electronic Steering System has a ASP (Absolute Steering Postion), basically it automatical pulls the vehicle to...
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    What you looking to diagnose?? What you looking to monitor? Jason
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    K12 launched in Oz

    The Micra is built in Sunderland, but the March is built in Japan. If it is the March re-badged it's possible the Japan production line building this product. Jason
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    2nd Facelift for K12

    I hear, the new Micra facelift will be launched in Sept 07 in the UK.