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    E85, anyone else running it?

    Hi Plattsy! What are the petrol prices in Australia? Good luck with your project! ...Been following your thread on :)
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    E85, anyone else running it?

    -I think too that it would be easier to use ethanol in your 100NX GTi than Micra. If I´ve understood correctly, benefits of the fuel would be even bigger with turbo engines despite of lower fuel efficiency. Ethanol tolerates more pressure than petrol so you can increase the boost pressure. (I...
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    Clicking noise from off side front wheel

    I think also it could be cv joint. There is not always play in a wheel bearing although it's worn out. It's worth to check also: jack front of the car up, roll the wheel forward and keep your hand on spring. You can feel rouhness on spring if the wheel bearing's 'shot'.
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    E85, anyone else running it?

    Problems started around 0*C iirc.
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    What are you listening to?

    And another that makes feel good :)
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    What are you listening to?

    One of my favorites:
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    E85, anyone else running it?

    About a year ago I drove few thousand kilometers using 100% E85. Consumption with it was about 8 litres/100 km (with gas about 6l/100km). I´ve got a bit higher fuel pressure and 1.6 injectors. I didn´t notice any other problems than poor cold starts. Poor starting was so annoying that I´ve been...
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    This seasons mystery, NoStartWierdCrankNoise

    Empty battery or bad connections???
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    Samsung android phones

    I've heard there's software issues in S3 Minis. Mine's been working well tho.
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    Engine swap

    Found one 900 cc bike engine Micra (not road legal :) )
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    Japi´s shirt Micra (Finland)

    Terve Prostheta! :) Smoked light clusters are legal if there is E-approval (made for Europe). Self-smoked are not "so legal" Finnish is easy to learn, even kids can speak it here, so you'll learn too :)
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    K11 BlackMask from Finland

    Good to hear you Ok. If you're not gonna repair it again, you can take rear bits to your red car?? I had same problem, cut the parts 1/3 off the vents and welded some steel underneath them.
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    Dougyledds AJ4 Costcutter Express

    Yeh but just a bit :). I might do it. I'm somehow attracted to these micra looks kinda shirt. ...and those sneakers are cool imo :cool:
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    Dougyledds AJ4 Costcutter Express

    How about painting a car like Converse sneakers? Laces on the bonnet etc.
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    Dougyledds AJ4 Costcutter Express

    One idea. style needs modifying to fit micra though.