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    Took the cover of my ST for the first time in 3(?) years!

    I remember being in the back of that thing, with just a lap belt. Fun, but scary haha
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    SR20VE K11

    Seen this a few month ago at JNE, everyone was like "whats that? doesn't look like an SR20". I almost face plamed as I guess they haven't seen a high port beforeo_O
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    Steve, I think I saw you at the last SectaNE meet in shields last week?
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    Help!The wife's bought a micra...

    To be honest mate, I think she got a steal, a 1.2 GS in that condition is a great find, there's not many of them about like that now.
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    Nissan Micra 1.4 Turbo

    He'll struggle to sell it unfortunately, it has to demand a premium with the work/time/money in it, but the market of people who want it AND who have the money for it, is very limited.
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    1997 1.3 Micra SR (Rocky)

    Impreza? Horrendous to insure. Considered an accord type r?
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    1997 1.3 Micra SR (Rocky)

    It's the end of an era mate.
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    Payed for Item But Not Recived After 2 Weeks swsupermot

    Give Kev a PM. He's very good at dealing with this sort of situation and does more then 99% admins on other forums.
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    Debate, which car is safer??

    Indeed. I don't know how I could live with someone's death on my hands, even though its an accident.
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    why do people hate micra's

    People also hate them because they just don't like them. People here hate plenty of other cars around. It's just the way of the world. Each to their own.
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    New prototype Micra Nismo!

    That K13 looks pretty sweet though :]
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    New prototype Micra Nismo!

    k11 gokart? Cirtainly not in stock form.
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    Turbo v bike carbs

    Letting it cool with a turbo? Whats that then? I just drive home and turn mine straight off. Just take it off boost for the last 5 minutes home :).
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    Budget winter tyre Nang kang Sv2 review.

    You can get toyo snowprox cheaper then that (assuming standard size wheel/tyre) and the reviews online seem much better.
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    Cold Weather Tyres

    It's not yourself you need to worry about in the snow, its all the people who have no idea how to drive in the snow safely.