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    Changing stereo k11 with nats

    Yes, you can change the stereo without messing up the immobiliser.
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    How To Connect Alarm system to a K11 Micra central locking system

    Link has expired, was posted over 3 years ago.
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    Who's car was this?

    Thought it looked familiar. I was going to buy this before it was sold to Umar.
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    F/S Noddie's Turbo K11 Micra

    Moved! :D
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    sub amp capacitor

    If you are still having problems I'm back in the area next week. Can always come take a look if you want?
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    Nissan Micra K12 Trip Computer

    Check all the connections. Sounds like something may be loose.
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    fitments help please :)

    Too Small to fit without modification. You want 6.5" components ideally. Plus it seems that the mounting depth is not listed so you'd probably need to use spacers also to get them to fit.
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    North east meets

    Not been any for a while now. Needs a new rep to step up and take things on. I'm not as free to organise things anymore and the other rep who was, is not in the area now.
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    Do you insulate RCAs?

    Earth tracks on the HU's circuit board may of gone.
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    In theory you could but, you'd get a very poor signal to the subs. What amp are you using, and what's the x-over set to?
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    Have you checked the gain on the amp? Is the sub sealed properly in it's enclosure? Is the enclosure the right size for the sub? Have you got the sub wired out of phase i.e. positive and negative terminals round the wrong way?
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    deleteing threads

    Just report it to a mod.
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    New car ideas!

    170bhp diesel which is fairy economical, 2 / 4 wheel drive when selected. Plus a ton of space if you have to carry kit. Why not go test drive one and see what you think.
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    New car ideas!

    Right just to be different, how about a t180 Rav4