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    Show off your k10

    My k10 turbo awaitin uk plates in post
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    Manual Conversion

    Hi mate, Like yourself I have the Turbo engine BUT in an ultra rare nissan micra also know as the MARCH only available in Jap but had it imported over. Its the exact same engine as yours but like I say in a K10 micra. Modifications so for bigger Turbo Induction Kit Fuel pressure regulator Fuel...
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    JDM March K10 turbo for sale - anyone interested?

    No it's in the UK In the process of getting its English plates as we speak Where are bouts are you bud
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    Have you a number I can contact you on ref parts please

    Have you a number I can contact you on ref parts please
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    Modified 1.0 turbo engine

    Guys it's not a figaro It's a super rare micra/March turbo (same engine as figaro) but different to the super turbo which also had a super charger. So my mate has this So far we've discovered Bigger garret turbo and elbow Boosting at 0.9 bar Has a fuel pressure regulator running 3.9 bar We...
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    JDM March K10 turbo for sale - anyone interested?

    I know the iwners of this and it's still forsale if anybody's still interested?
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    K10 Breaking

    Still got parts for this bud?
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    My friends turbo

    Well so far We've discovered Garrett turbo Weber FPR FPR gauge stating just over 3bar Boost gauge running 0.7/0.9 bar Dump valve Possible a remapped or different ECU A massive induction kit should this be run on super unleaded or can normal 95 Ron go into these. Main problem When...
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    My friends turbo

    Where is the fuse box located on these and does anybody have a picture of the fuse box fuse layout of what fuse powers what? Cheers
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    My friends turbo

    He's going to be doing a few little jobs to it All comments welcome
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    Hi team!

    Hi team Well new to the forum on the look out for a k10 turbo or super turbo
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    Wing differences??

    does the Turbo and turbo super share the same wings as the standard k10 or are they flared more?
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    K10 super turbo

    Also is there a difference in turbo and super turbo?