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    Headlight issue

    Hi there, Just a quick question: My passenger side main beam headlight is dimmer than the other. I then checked the full beam and the passenger side headlight works well on full beam but the drivers side full beam doesn’t work! Any ideas as or thoughts welcomed. Car is a 1992 K10.
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    Nissan Micra K10 Locks with Keys

    Any idea which key actually unlocks the fuel filler flap? Ian it the ignition barrel one or the omen that unlocks the driver side door? Both my keys don’t work currently and Want on be 100% sure which one to force (one of them worked when’s i filled up last week but can’t remember which one!)
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    Stereo wiring, identification

    Cheers for this Thank you so much for this info. Just to confirm the black ground wire from the stereo connects to the black/yellow, just black or both? Cheers
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    Stereo wiring, identification

    Thank you - you are a God. Here is what mine looks like below. I read in the manual the black/red is the 12V so I connected that to the red wire on my new stereo (ignition wire as stated in instructions) but it wasn’t working. I thought black was ground so I connected that to my Earth on my new...
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    Stereo wiring, identification

    Any updates on this? I can’t seem to get mine working.
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    Stereo wiring

    hello. Does anyone know the colour of the ignition wire on the stereo of a a K10 1992 Micra?