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    Nissan Pao in California?

    Hey, sorry I don't really get the notifications for these. I just responded in the other thread about CA registration. But in short, I had to register in Montana under an LLC. The process was pretty easy, and you can do it remotely through certain services.
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    New Pao owner in California

    Hey! What parts are you looking for?? I'm a Pao owner in California. I've been told the process is near impossible to register in CA. I see it's been a couple years since you posted, I'm sure you've figured out something by now... hopefully. I had to register in Montana under an LLC.
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    North American PAO owners

    Looking to replace the shocks and bushings all around, i know the Pao shares the same chassis as the Micra. Would a Micra's replacement shocks work for the Pao?
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    Nissan Pao in California?

    I just bought a Pao yesterday that's currenlty registered in Washington. I'm going to smog it and see if it checks out then attempt to register it in California. Ill keep you guys updated