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    Breaking black micra

    You have to be an official member to sell on the MSC
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    4 super s alloys with tyres - £60

    Hi do you still have the alloys or are they sold? thanks
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    Cant open a new thread in buy and sell

    i have been away for a while and now for some reason i cant open a new thread in the buy and sell section, is there reason for this? thanks Grant
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    Last Micra Clearout... Everything MUST go.

    Got a pic of the grill?
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    Breaking K11

    Hey andy the 70mm springs did you have them on with the 15" wheels? and did it rub? have you got any pictures of how the car sits? thanks Grant
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    K11 Handling Bits

    if broony dont want the springs then i'll have them, depending on price. thanks
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    Breaking K11

    Hi mate did you have the lowering springs on your car with 15" wheels on? thanks Grant
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    Breaking K11

    Hi mate have you still got the lowering springs? thanks
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    Got broken into!

    little Edited sorry to hear about that mate.
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    My Micra!!!

    well i think thats the first time thats soneone has sadi that a micra is more fun to drive the an impreza.
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    lots of performance bits for sale K11

    Hey got any pictures of the momo steering wheel? thanks
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    Micra Clear-out...

    Hi how much for just the de-cat posted? thanks
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    I need a big favour (photoshop people req')

    thats ok make sure it aint you pulling up next to him a
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    A little video i found

    where do these people come from! found found this, this made me laugh
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    I need a big favour (photoshop people req')

    ok i cant see none of these pictures, and i really want to see what people have done with it lol.