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    Urgent! Stall problem

    Hello! I had a problem with my nissan micra k11 1.3 automatic. It stalls when i change gears from R or N when i put at D. It stalls only when i put on D it doesnt stalls when is on on N R and P. It stalls when is warm and only a few times not in regular i had to switch on and off a few times to...
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    1.3i 16v Automatic Transsmision problem?

    Hello! I have a problem and i wan to know how serious it is. When i wake up in the morning and i start my car i the car can't move in the D and L gearbox for 10 or 15 minutes it is like it was in neutral but can move reverse in R gearbox and after 10 or 15 minutes everything is normal with the...