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    Once the gearbox is here, the fun and games can start once again :D

    Once the gearbox is here, the fun and games can start once again :D
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Broke my car. took the gearbox out trying to find a replacement :( contemplated whether to scrap it / spares or repair then decided i still loved her!:glare:
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    Hi mate i have some 13's of a lupo which i had on my k10 all have 175/55 yokos on them be it not alot of tread left but they are legal! duno if they fit a k11 mind you but if they do i do have 4 available (Y)
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    Help please!

    theres ocasional crunching, but when in gear there is no funny noises it sounds fine, it feels abit sticky and powerloss, but got stuck in 4th earlier managed to pull over 10 mins later gently persuade :glare: it into second and drove it home, just hope it is something simple like a clutch grr...
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    Help please!

    right basically, i cannot select any gears! just refusing to go in, and obviouslt dont want to put too much pressure in doing so is this a gearbox failure, clutch or something as stupid as oil? :suspect: many thanks!
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    Hello... picture from 8 ball cafe - retro rides meet for essex etc :)
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    Bought a k10 not so long ago as i was due my driving test and my mini is still not finished :( anyway bought it on pot luck, and drove from essex to brighton to pick it up, wasnt as clean as i was hoping few horrible dents - tyres were all suppose to be legal but were all bald and none...