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    Brake Lights Not Working

    I'm having an issue with my brake lights. I've checked the fuse and the bulbs, all fine. I'm assuming it's not the switch as the brake bar still lights up, just not the left and right lights. Any ideas? The fuse I checked was the stop lamp fuse near the steering wheel.
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    K11 Dashboard Alternatives (if exist)

    I wouldn't think so without a lot of modding. You could look at March parts though. I think the march got a different dashboard with cup holders and a nicer colour.
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    Light Stalk - Interchangeable Pre/Post Facelift?

    Check your headlight plugs.
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    Flasher Unit?

    Thanks, I pulled it apart and it does look to possibly be a joint that has a crack in it. For anyone interested, the generic £10 replacement on eBay is in and working. I was a bit worried after seeing Nissan wanted £150! You'll need a 10mm socket with a flex joint to get it out. The original...
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    Flasher Unit?

    Yesterday my indicators stopped working. I pulled the fuse, it was fine, after putting it back they worked for about ten minutes and then stopped. I located the flasher unit and when I turn the indicators on I can hear it kick into life, but it doesn't click and the bulbs don't light up. Is this...
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    Rocket Cover Gasket

    I'm going to paint my cam cover soon so I'll put a new gasket in at the same time. Problem is, on my last K11 I discovered that there's more than one version for the CG10 which is weird. Anybody know which one fits a UK registered MY02 K11?
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    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    I think an alignment might be in order. I'd be surprised if I didn't knock it out when I crashed into that curb. Track rod ends look pretty new. I'm considering picking up some 15" Grid V's as I discovered they would also fit the GD1 Jazz which I probably will own again at some point when I no...
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    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    I've done this in the past but won't the oil perish the plastic and rubber? Ultimate black is water based I think. Roll on payday for some paint and hopefully some free time with decent weather to finish it up. I swapped my front and rear wheels around to try and diagnose this speed wobble...
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    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    I have a thing for clean engine bays so I went at it today following ChrisFix's guide. Clean with wipes, cover block and hose and agitate with a brush / soapy water. I didn't go wild as I'm going to paint the rocker cover crinkle black at some point and I'll give it a deep clean when I do along...
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    bad parking

    Looks like my neighbours. Public street but god forbid anyone who parks in "their" space.
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    CVT Chirping Noise

    Hopefully there's some knowledge around the CVT's here! Since the weather has been warmer, I've noticed my CVT has started to chirp at me when warm. 2002 2nd facelift with the updated box. It only happens when in drive with the brakes on, for example waiting at a traffic light and when the...
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    bumblebee 1999 inspiration 1.3 2020 rework

    If you ever need a home for that spare pair of alloys...
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    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    If I wasn't planning on getting alloys at some point soon I might have taken you up on that. I had a good poke around with the wheel off and nothing else seems to be damaged and allignment doesn't seem to be off luckily. Tyre looks to be fine but the trim is cracked and ruined.
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    Jenny the 2002 K11 CVT 1.0

    Been getting filthy in the snow this week. I also smashed the front left wheel into a curb due to black ice which made my speed wobble much worse. I changed the wheel for the brand new spare which has got rid of 90% of the wobble. The original is visibly bent unfortunately. Is it worth my time...
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    2nd Facelift Foglight Stalk

    Anybody know if a foglight stalk is available for the second facelift with the new gen stalks? They're the same as the K12 stalks as far as I can tell. If not, can the old style ones be retrofitted? How about those actually from a K12? I guess another option is to just somehow wire the fogs to...