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    How do you remove K12 radio

    yours is the same the s/wheel is on the wrong side thats all lol found this the other day while searching the net
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    wanted part!!

    hi guys its been a long time since ive been around turbos but it looks like a mechanical amal valve (it controls the actuator on the turbo by using pos and neg mainfold pressure) from what i can remember we had a setup with a full boost controller what controlled an a electroninc amal...
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    crazy idea

    its been done a few times. and done a fair bit with k11's. if done properly you will need to renforce the rear as your lossing the roof so a lot of extra weight
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    Fuel or Ignition ?

    Has the car got a cat on it. a colapsted cat can cause loss of power like your saying. just an idea
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    New 160sr

    I had ebc gd disc's on my corsa, it didnt feel right with the green stuff pads after tring 3 sets of pads i found that tar-ox pads (mintex are a very close second) with the ebc discs work the best. Diamond black disc's are crud standard discs are better imho. hi-spec front calpers discs...
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    New 160sr

    there mods around for the 160/hr16de mainly imported stuff, cusco have dealers in the uk but you have to hunt for part numbers (mainly bolt on stuff)
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    Fuel or Ignition ?

    have you had the pump out the tank yet ? if not do so the strainer is prob cloged from what your saying edit. its just held by a few clips/tags bit of a pita as you need 3 hands, you should be able to see the bottom of the tank unless there so much crud in the tank if thats the case the tank...
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    Vinyl Printing

    imp you look like your busy with the vinyl now, all i've been doing is wheely bin numbers lol not sure how many i've done but had to order more stock, the walt dizznee text seems to be a big hit at the mo
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    Fuel or Ignition ?

    pull the pump out of the tank iirc theres a strainer on the bottom pull it off and see tif the pump is spinning free the ecu is sending the pulse to the fuel pump as its starting/idling (5 sec pulse primes and pressurises the fuel sysytem) , so the fuel relay is ok you have ruled out the...
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    Where to buy spray paint for Micra

    yep i missed that bit out blending is all part of the job anyway £90-100 per panel is about the going rate plus a bit on top for the hassle
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    Where to buy spray paint for Micra used them a few times without problems for a large area like a bonnet doing it with rattle cans will look wrong imho and wont be a thick enuff coat even with 7-8 cans while you spending 60-100 quid on paint scotch bright, degreaser etc plus your time............ you mite as well...
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    ebay find, havent seen 1 about for ages!

    iirc the jdm micra 4x4 is a standard micra just with an electic motor in the back same as the cube/note, its been for sale a long time price is a bit heavy imho
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    Dead battery - locked out

    the lock on the passenger side (behind the handle cover) is a manual lock (theres a linkage from the barrel to the door catch you may find where its never been used its stiff (it will only open that door as the cl is dead)
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    Halfords Paint Code Matching Service... Wasted time

    double checked the paint code 104 with the book i have and it comes back as grayish leaf tbh the colour names do some times get there names lost in translation only other thing is you have the wrong paint code i use a local paint supplier 2-3 times a month as i do custom airbrush work (car...
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    Your Dream Car?

    In no order mk 1 mini pick up The new GT-R bike powered track car x-bow, xtr ect ( aeril atom) something small and powerfull for around town a wolf in sheeps clothing 1966 mustang gt500 shelby merc gullwing fiat strada 130tc twin turbo (very rare only 360 ever built) vw Karmann...