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    Stereo replacement - ISA harness adapter question.

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I'm replacing the original stereo from my lad's 2001 Micra with a new Pioneer unit. After a little trial and error I appear to have got the correct ISA harness adapter from Halfords even though it's supposed to be for earlier models...
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    Wanted - clutch pedal rubber cover

    As per title, looking for a clutch pedal rubber cover for 2001 K11 1.0s. Thanks
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    Hello and a technical query re dashboard

    Thanks. I'll have a look in the daylight tomorrow - are there multiple screws, clips etc holding the dash in?
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    Hello and a technical query re dashboard

    New member here so hello from deepest Gloucestershire to all! Just been and bought my son his first car today - 2001 K11 1.0s, super low miles, FSH, great condition etc. The only issue with it is that the previous elderly owner thought the grey dashboard gave a bit too much glare on a sunny...