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    Engine Swaps?

    don't they only share the DCi engine as it's renault the CR and HR engines are nissan. it was posted before that NMUK put a 172 engine in a k12 for testing, didn't handle and sales for 2.0 litre micra were not worth the effort.... apparently....
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    Look at this k12

    it's been posted before, a few times lol. still top stuff ha ha
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    Quicky might be driving a k11 soon

    yup, they did. you never see many about though about 60 horses give or take iirc
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    Quicky might be driving a k11 soon

    like the 'might' comment leaving plenty time for you to bail out and get another k10 lol
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    Fastest Standard 1.0L

    don't most 1.0's do 0-60 between 12-20 seconds? and top out at 90-105mph? be a long race ha ha
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    Santa Pod Meet Review 31.05.08

    if i can get my hols in at work i should be along in the 160 :) only a 4 1/2 hour drive lol :D
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    K12 with a difference...

    that's quite funky in a stange kinda way :D
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    I Need some help! :(

    lol was an oil leak last time it was posted ha ha
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    Long time since Ive been on - update

    welcome back bud :D
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    corner splitters

    the kit comes with rear corner splitters, the prev owner might not have had them fitted. look on ebay you'll the whole kit for £30, nissan would prob charge that a corner. then sell the bits you don't want. :)
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    back to jap

    :D have fun with it.
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    The Weight Of A K11 Super S

    from what i remeber the L/LX was about 810/815kgs and the super s/sr was 835kgs, due to impact bars, air bags, bumpers/fogs/speakers etc. again i don't know if this figure was for a fully spec'd (pas/abs etc) super s/sr or the basic pack. all prefacelift numbers, the post 98 will more than...
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    My White Micra Project

    195's fit in the arches fine with no scrubbing and are usually what people use. no problems even when lowered. (which is recommended with 15's, gets rid of the tractor look) best tyre for 15's would be 195/45/r15 this will fit fine and not cause a major headache with your speedo reading...
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    Suspension Kits riks ebay listing if its any help.
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    Suspension Kits

    a few people have just used lowering springs that i'm aware, eibach, koni and tien spring to mind, no pun ment... generally give 30-40mm drop not sure on the rates though. i'm sure tien did a basic damper upgrade also. rik was using HKS coilovers which were recently put on ebay don't know the...