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    Universal Electric Supercharger?

    They're just computer fans which go on your induction pipe, pretty lame actually. My dad's friend bought one off eBay thinking he was cool, the thing had a sensor that woudl turn on under full throttle only, it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. Haha.
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    Almera gti

    I think he's asking what's wrong with the Almera in terms of why do you need to fix it for the MOT?
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    How loud?

    My car has a janspeed decat on with a standard backbox, and I think it sounds the same, but a little farty. Like it's blown.. I may be wrong though, and might actually have a blown exhaust haha.
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    F/s: Advanti cams

    Would the 1.0 gearbox actually cope with the increased power? I heard somewhere that would be bad news.
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    Free micra

    My mam saw a P Reg Mondeo on there ages ago, before I passed my test. I'm sure she mentioned seeing a Micra Vibe on there when I got mine, although you have to be really quick. She's hooked on the damn thing, she gets me gonig out to collect allsorts of chunk.. This one time she sent me to...
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    drivimg over the limited help

    Or just hand your license in or get your leg muscles checked and see why they can't keep your feet off the floor properly..?
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    Nissan Micra 1.0 Vibe 1997

    What about your Mass Air Flow Sensor, that's a common problem.
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    micra revving to 13,800??

    You should have a tacho in an SR already though?
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    micra super s airbox

    Is it not something to do with the carbon cannister or the pipe from the throttle body? When I removed my throttle body I traced that pipe back to one of them two, I can't remember.. positive it was on the T/b. Mine was hanging too though, and no problems.
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    cuting the springs

    Just don't do it. Not only are you putting the standard shocks under too much pressure, and as Arnold says you will cause an accident. I done this on mine and I regret every minute of it, it's too low (only chopped 1 or 2 off) and it's so bouncy and uncomfortable it's unreal, plus it's...
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    Rover nearly blew up in Tyne Tunnel!

    Nah I'd probably relate it to something to do with the head gasket, or coolant system. Looked like the radiator just burst from overheating. Yeah, the tunnell was absolutely mad.. I've never used it in rush hour, think I'll go through the town tomorrow see how long that takes.
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    Rover nearly blew up in Tyne Tunnel!

    Ok, I was coming home from work today, been covering the Wallsend branch and I had to use the Tyne Tunnel coming home. For those of you who don't know, it's basically just a tunnel going under the river and it's like a toll of £1.20, and inside it's a single lane both ways so no overtaking /...
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    Tray just above the pedals..?

    Haha that explains where my pens keep going lol.
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    Going lower - springs

    Low low lowwwwwwwww. Cut springs. Very bouncy and not recommended lol
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    k11 parts...

    How much for standard springs?