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    e manage replacement or not quite?

    If you don’t have to the money to get a g-reddy and get it mapped have a look at this will be much more time consuming but there systems are really good.. I think they sell a hole kit witch will be about £180 but this includes mapping and guides on building them...
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    Body kit design

    now this is odd but i do really like the arches and the way the front works.
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    ***Custom door cards, JDM dash tray, K11 1.0L modified plus extras****

    Do you think that the r1 throttel bodys will fit on a micra?
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    My new car...

    is that homemade or not?
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    Napster's SR MICRA

    Ok i have not been reading this thread up till now..... last time i looked you had just got the car!!!!! lookes like you are doing a good job mate keep it up!!
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    Driving test at 1 :S

    it's 3:30pm!!!!!!!!! what is the result...
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    Global Warming...

    Ok so I do understand what there saying about global warming but I do think it is worth think about facts as well as ideas... I do save as much energy as I can but it is hard to do everything efficiently. P.S. the ice age happened completely naturally; think in the change in the earth’s...
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    have you tryed swaping them yet, it is worth a try. (but i cant see a l.e.d being the problem)
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    If money wasn't an issue?

    i think the main piont is would you still have a micra??? i would but only because is is perfect on track days with the bigger jap cars. think you could have anything custom cars would be posable!!!
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    Driving test at 1 :S

    (Y) Good luck.... just remember to keep calm (Y)
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    shot blasting??

    We sand blasted some wheels. The wheels are fine now but I wouldn’t use ball bearings.
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    I need some things….

    face lift? how much do you want for them?
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    I need some things….

    I need some drive shafts and face lift front end (wings, bonnet, lights and bumper) Do you think I need to get new drive shafts or will some from the scrappy do? Does anyone have any of this stuff?
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    My New Project :) .... micra micra micra ....

    Well I have seen allot of this car, the power potential was very good but it has some big restrictions on it. It is still running a 1.0L exhaust witch has cut the air flow buy allot and the engine need some work. I hope that you do a good job of restoring the car as it is lovely car but need...
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    106gti or glanza turbo??

    have a look at the 106 rallye, thay are good cars and are so much cooler. they have th same engine as the gti but it has a 8 valve head (easy swap)and they look much cooler. much nicer in blue but much less common