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    what did you do to your micra today ?

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    Almera N15 Airbox

    Hey Liam, you need to try P2GO and choose the cheapest option. I've sent loads of stuff to Ireland, tacho speedos, spoilers, didn't fid the postage bad at all.
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    SAME FAULTS AGAIN **!!!??** part 2

    Hey Frank you doing (?) 1 million plus views makes you the daddy - well done from me buddy.
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    K11 Maybe for sale

    I've been advised by a motor factor shop that they have sold 50+ of this stuff and never had a failure on it. Although, I recently know someone who used it and it failed after a month, but, I found out she had not put anti freeze in, and did not check the water again after filling it ...
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    K11 Maybe for sale

    Bit of a blow there buddy, head gasket down here would probably be a couple hundred or less. Loads of back street mechanics who would whip that off / on over 2 days I would think. Just keep asking around and you will find someone who doesn't mind a bit of work. You could try steel seal I think...
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    Wheel Alignment After Lowering??

    I lowered mine by the same amount, never aligned the wheels and she drove fine. The pull to the left is the torque coming through the drive wheels, and completely normal.
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    Don't think so, try a bit of oil down the cable to free it up might work.
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    SAME FAULTS AGAIN **!!!??** part 2

    Blimey mate ...been a bit unlucky there !!!!! Best of luck when you sort it .
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    Low idle when cold. High idle when hot.

    I did the old disconnect with the MAF, you have to wait a while for it to get used to not having it before it settles down to normal idling. It would still fall on the odd occasion for a couple of months after that, then it ran OK for the rest of the time I had the car.
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    which Ignition coil maker?

    Loads of coilpacks here buddy, postage only, fell into my bag at the scrapyard !!!!!
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    Coil Packs

    Hi plmval, had to go up a size motor buddy for work. Hello again Peter. I'm a Suzuki WagonR geezer these days mate, needed a slightly bigger vehicle for my work. I still have a K11 1.3 auto which I use to check parts I rescue from the scrap yards, not much around these days though !!!! Anyways...
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    Coil Packs

    Hey Peter I have a lot of coilpacks hanging around here buddy, fill yer boots mate.
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    First sign of needing a new battery?

    You should check your battery under load, with the headlights on. I would stick a new one in personally.
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    UPDATED WITH PICS!!MAKE ME AN OFFER!! Unfinished project K11 1.0 Silver with bits and pieces...

    Hey buddy, you have to put a ticket on it to get that money I would think.
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    Advice needed plz

    Why did you change the box ?