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    K12 Bumper in black (2005)

    Yeah tried a couple of local ones, no joy yet :( I wanted second hand for the colour match really but i guess new is cheap enough so just gotta decide whether to paint it myself or get it painted for me. Has anyone painted a black panel with rattle cans and if so, was it a good colour match...
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    K12 Bumper in black (2005)

    Wow they are expensive!! but thanks ;)
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    K12 Bumper in black (2005)

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help, I need a front bumper for a 2005 K12 in black. Cash waiting and willing to pick up, can anyone help? Thanks Dave
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    Some more pics....

    really like the first 2 pics
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    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR, Shooting Flames (650+hp)

    Here's a quick video as I know there are a lot of GTR fans on here: Make: Nissan Model: Skyline GTR-33 Power: 650+ Torque: 500ftlb Styling: Top Secret Front Bumper Top Secret carbon bonnet Border rear lower splitter Hasami rear carbon blade Garage Defend front slam panel Ganador...
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    TDi north - Mugenized, chargecooled & turbocharged - Video

    i think he does part ex on soul trade in too if you dont want to be externally damned
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    TDi north - Mugenized, chargecooled & turbocharged - Video

    Not micra related in the slightest, infact the only link I can think of is that someone from this site commented on a fb post I made last time I was there. Anyway, this is TDi north's latest creation, the much un-loved FN2! but this one flies! I have a feeling it will have more fans than...
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    Tomei Poncams for CG**, thoughts?

    Just put a sr20 motor in and be done with it.
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    500hp Fast Civic - Video

    Hope you are all well, it's been a long time since I posted on here but I did a video with Kev not so long back so thought'd it would be ok to spam a bit :laugh: Also i'm sure you some of you will find it interesting based on the turbo conversions going onhere nowadays...
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    K12 Alloys with tyres

    They must be in average or better condition and have a decent set of tyres. Cash waiting
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    Davey C contact details.

    How do, inbox now emptied ;)
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    hey everyone!! check out my matt yellow micra :D

    i like that, how much did the cage cost you?
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    Project Turtle the Turquoise Miicra!

    awesome thread awesome build just can't stop thinking i would have used a cleaner shell. Either way the car looks like its coming along well and i'm really impressed it started first key turn. Keep up the good work :blues:
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    Joining the band wagon

    1.3 box has longer ratios so would suit a turbo charged setup better. 1.6 ratios would be ideal, 1.0L'll be out of gears within half a minute
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    London hit men

    I'd be keen to come along and see any turbo projects, not got a k11 anymore but I'm always interested to see and engine conversions or turbo conversions