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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I would imagine you can claim at any stage now if you haven't got the service you paid for . Their workforce actually increases at this time of year unfortunately it's the level of English spoken by a proportion of those short term staff that doesn't help :(
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    PROject PROfect

    I have been able to diagnose the problem ... She needs a wash ;) poor thing just wants the attention :p
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    Nissan radio and cig lighter are not working please help...

    Is there a fuse in the back of the radio itself ? If so might be that
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    Replacing CV boot or joint.

    Semms as im gunna be doing this at the weekend , cheers :p
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Discovered my outside drivers side cv boot has split again whilst checking it over for mot, must be second time in like 6 months :( now hoping that was the only thing to stop her getting another years motoring :)
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    New Member on the Mongol Rally

    I think the main thing you'll get told to look out for is rust really , these little micras are pretty hardy otherwise, earlier models will have less electricals to go wrong, the pandas got 4x4 in the name so is out straight away surely ? :p
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    Sill drain holes

    might have to go pull one out now and investigate further :p
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    Sill drain holes

    i've got these, i first thought drainage holes but then thought they've got a bung in them :/
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Woke up to it covered in sandy dust ... again :(
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    oh ok :/
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    my home :p what brings you there ?
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    Replacement Key.

    thats what i thought , i dont have central locking but he did put it into a machine to see if he could copy the code from it and the guy said yes so i dont see why it wouldnt of worked :)
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    Replacement Key.

    i once asked at a timpsons place , i think it was £30 for a programmed copy that would work as usual. saying that still need to go back and get that key made up :p
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    mmm took an age for some people to get home from work last night hears the freshly laid road is pretty knackered now :/ where do you work in portsmouth ?
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    Try some motorsport in your Micra!

    cool cheers :) yeah tyres are good on tread , would probably get and take a spare set of front wheels to use at least just so the ones i would use for daily and motorway driving were'nt being beaten to death if i were to do it :) will have to see if i can get my dad on board :p