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    Hello, Project K12.

    Hello strangers :p Not so much of an update but just selling up. Due to personal circumstances need to sell my motor :( 1.4SX (top spec) 54 plate 60500 miles one owner full nissan service history keyless entry full leather seats, heated elec windows, mirrors auto lights auto...
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    My nissan micra 160sr

    nice wheels :)
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    Nissan Micra k12 (2005) Speaker size.

    jus cut and get spades to connect speaker
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    headlight removal

    never took mine off but if you bolt it in secure then shouldnt need realignment.
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    K12 Headlight cover clean

    headlight cover? is it misting up inside? mine misted up so tooke th bulb out n applied hairdryer into the hole to get teh moisture out. been fine since. hth
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    Strange rubbing/cluncking noise when driving

    if its not that then possibility it night be the arb links?
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    just make sure they not too short that the struts bottom out. worst case i have spare oem suspension done only 54k miles and in very good condition ;)
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    cheapest would be.. :D
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    Hello, Project K12.

    not much update but thinking.. feeling these 'new' shoes. Opinions pls..
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    Start Problem: Please Help

    let us know the outcome. Be good fyi info :) Good luck
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    Start Problem: Please Help

    sorry dont know / cant remember any specific light for the immobilizer. but the aa man tried everything, checked the started bu putting a pair of pliers somewhere to turn just the starter over n starter worked and he tried few other things. then rang nissan n they just told me to disconnect batt...
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    Start Problem: Please Help

    last time something similar happen to me i set off the immobilizer. disconnect battery then reconnect solved the problem for me. Good luck.
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    k12 headlights

    looks good :) carbon wrap bonnet?
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    keyless entry wont work please help

    dead battery in fob? when you turn the car over are you sticking the key in the ignition? i got keyless also and just leave fob in pocket. no need to plug key into ignition.
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    Hello, Project K12.

    lol sounds like a plan! i wanna get the wheels in post #22. dont really wanna go lower cos even now i scrape the underside of car on stupid speed bumps :( if i had side skirts they'd been messed up by now :( once u get ur car sorted let me know, i know quite a few freelance writers who can do...